Bird Habitats in Ireland

Bird Habitats in Ireland

A major new book entitled Bird Habitats in Ireland is to be published in May 2012. The editors are Natura’s own Richard Nairn and John O’Halloran, of University College Cork.

An ecological account of birds in Ireland

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Format:pbk • 210 x 300 mm (A4)
No of Pages: 400 approx
Illustrations: Maps, photos, full colour
Publication: April 2012
Category: Natural History

Description of the book
Ireland is an island on the north-western fringe of Europe. Its bird fauna is different from that of the European continent and the neighbouring island of Britain. It is a stronghold for some species such as the chough and storm petrel while other common European species such as the nuthatch and tawny owl are completely absent.

The habitat types found in Ireland provide many of the answers to the puzzles of Ireland’s bird fauna. This book is a comprehensive, up-to-date review of published and unpublished work on the bird communities of all the habitats found on the island of Ireland. Written by a team of the most experienced ornithologists in Ireland, it brings together, for the first time, accounts of the habitat types and the typical bird species that they support. Illustrated with top quality photographs and maps, it will become a key work of reference for all future ornithological research in Ireland.

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The Editors

Richard Nairn is a writer and environmental consultant. He heads a team of ecologists called Natura Environmental Consultants. During the 1980s he was Director of IWC BirdWatch Ireland and has published extensively on birds and their habitats. His previous books include Wild Wicklow (1998) and Ireland’s Coastline (2005). His research interests include the interactions between birds and wind turbines. Richard lives in County Wicklow.

John O’Halloran is Professor of Zoology and Ecology at University College Cork where he is Head of the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences. He has published over 180 research papers and articles and was awarded a Doctorate of Science for his published works by National University of Ireland in 2009. He was former Editor of Bird Study, A Board Member of Bird Watch Ireland, Vice-President of British Trust for Ornithology and Council member of European Ornithologists Union. John’s main interests are in aquatic birds, forest ecology and ecotoxicology: the pathways of pollutant through ecosystems.

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