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Richard Nairn

BA (Mod) MA (Natural Sciences) CEnv FIEEM MIBiol

Richard Nairn is a Senior Environmental Scientist and Managing Director of Natura. He has a comprehensive knowledge of ecology and survey methodology as well as nature conservation and environmental management in Ireland. In the

1970s he worked as a nature reserve warden with the National Trust (Northern Ireland) and in the 1980s he was National Director of IWC BirdWatch Ireland. Since 1990 he has specialised in Environmental Impact Assessment for a variety of developments including roads, pipelines, port developments, sewage treatment works and industrial developments. He is also one of the leading practitioners in Ireland in Appropriate Assessment (under the EU Habitats Directive).

Richard has also been commissioned to undertake several major planning studies in relation to the use of the natural environment. These include management plans for two National Parks, a Coastal Zone Management Policy for Ireland, environmental appraisals of the south-east and south-west coasts of Ireland and a Management Plan for the Skelligs SPA.

Bird Habitats of Ireland (cover compressed)He was the editor of the publication Status of EU Protected Habitats and Species in Ireland (National Parks and Wildlife Service 2008). He prepared the Guidelines for Assessment of the Ecological Impacts of National Road Schemes for the Irish National Roads Authority and Ecology Guidelines for Electricity Transmission Projects for EirGrid. He is an experienced writer and photographer and has published extensively in the scientific literature. He is author of two books: Wild Wicklow (1998) and Ireland’s Coastline (2005) and co-editor, with Professor John O’Halloran, of Bird Habitats in Ireland (2012).

He is currently a post-graduate researcher with University College Cork working on the interactions between wind turbines and waterbirds. He is a Chartered Environmentalist and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

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