Irish Sea Symposium

Irish Sea Symposium

Richard Nairn of Natura Consultants will give a free lecture on Friday 19th September at 7:30pm at the Maritime Museum as part of “The Irish Sea: History, Culture, Environment” Symposium.

Bray Head silhouetted by sunset with pink light on the water in the foreground © Copyright Karl Partridge 2014

How we engage with the Irish Sea as a living ecosystem, as a means of transportation, or as a distinctive sea-space with its own histories and natural features, will be the subject of the symposium “The Irish Sea: History, Culture, Environment.

Group of Common Guillemot seabirds on the surface water © Copyright Karl Partridge 2014

The Irish Sea Symposium is organised by University College Dublin and the National Maritime Museum of Ireland on 19-20th September in Dun Laoghaire.

Image of the Irish sea from the Baily lighthouse to Bray. © Copyright Karl Partridge 2014

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